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Suck This

  • : 10/28/2010 |
  • : 25:36 min |
  • : 24776
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Trick or treat, smell my feat, give me a juicy cock to eat! Or something like that.

We're doing Halloween NextDoorStudios style, and your hosts will be Count Dracula...err, we me Samuel O'Toole & Marcus Mojo.

This scene will redefine the meaning of bite me, when Marcus gets ambushed by his buddy Samuel... But something's a bit different with Sammy today. He seems... Changed!

Luckily for you, the members, Samuel's sexual apatite is even stronger than normal. Maybe it was the full moon!

So be prepared for a sucking, a biting and deep anal penetration! Don't worry, no porn stars were harmed(or converted into flesh eating zombies) in the making of this blood-sucking, cum-drenched Halloween scene.

The only thing you'll have to worry about is rubbing your dick raw!