Straight Therapy

  • 12-01-2016 |
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Markie More is conflicted. Unsure about his feelings towards his attraction to men, he's sought out some professional help for his situation. Therapist Blake Barnes has seen other patients with Markie's problem, but none so pronounced and full of obvious denial. Blake recommends Markie should act on more of his impulses and urges, and as he jots down a few notes, he realizes how effective his advice is received, as Markie reaches out and runs his hand up Blake's thigh. Happily married, Blake is flattered, but assures Markie that isn't what he meant. Markie persists, taking off his shirt, and he can instantly see that he's not the only one in the room who is repressing urges. He asks Blake to take his own advice, slowly unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. Blake takes it into his mouth, cautiously at first, but with increasing desire as Markie's cock swells hard inside his mouth. Confident and enabled, Markie takes the lead, pulling Blake's shirt off and returning the favor, sucking off his therapist right in the middle of his office, before letting Blake have his way with his wanting and waiting ass. Markie mounts Blake, riding him reverse as he strokes himself hard, his cock bouncing against his stomach with Blake's every thrust. Really getting into it, Blake suggests Markie bend over his chair, and Markie does so, as Blake pounds him from behind, his cock sliding in and out of Markie's hole as he watches Markie moan in delight.Markie flips over and Blake fucks him til he cums, pulling out and nutting all over Markie's stomach, as they both smile at the break-throughs they've shared with each other.


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Martin I don't get the complaints about the first 14 minutes. I thought the therapy session set up the seduction. The therapist and the patient are actually seducing each other and they don't know it. It is so erotic. I love these full length videos of almost an hour. I love the set up because it makes the love making/sex that comes afterward even more HOT and EROTIC. Please keep these thorough lead ins to the sex coming , ROCCO. Your porn direction is top notch now and you have improved so much. 3 years ago you SUCKED, now you are on top of the INDUSTRY. Keep up to great full length scenes guys. This one is a keeper.
2017-01-15 11:00
15 minutes of just talking is just too much. Also since you changed the site design, the videos keep freezing while streaming. Once the action  got going it was hot, but Markie was sexier when he was less bulked up.
2016-12-18 17:04
The models are hot BUT 14 minutes of talking this isn't a Hollywood movie Next Door Studios! What is the director or script writer thinking? That was truly bizarre this is GAY PORN! We come here and pay our money to see hot men have SEX! If I wanted to watch this 14 minute thing I would watch a tv show or something.
2016-12-08 22:49
Tooooooooooooooooo much talk. Never enough Markie!!!!!
2016-12-08 21:42
First 14 minutes or so were boring but then....
2016-12-07 23:57
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